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Name:Kylar Stroud
Birthdate:Nov 8


Name: Kylar Stroud
Age: 17 (in appearance); true age unknown.
Class: 2-B
Height: 6'5" (196 cm)
Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
Species: Each Uisge
Likes: Any meats except liver, being outdoors, swimming, lunch.
Dislikes: Schoolwork, being pent up inside too long, awkward people who flirt awkwardly.
Club/Team: Swimming.

Background: The Strouds are an old family with a lineage deeply rooted in their great expanse of land in the Scottish Highlands, a place well-known for its rich folklore. The family as well as those who made their homes in the adjacent villages knew the old stories well, passing them on generation after generation as cautionary tales. Some warned of red-eyed hounds lurking in the darkness and waiting for unsuspecting travelers to wander by or of old buildings supposedly haunted by restless spirits.

The most common of the tales involved the lochs and the sea, describing the various creatures said to be living in the dark waters. Several spoke of mysterious, wandering horses that one should be wary of approaching. It was the fool who allowed themselves to be tempted and it is said that there were many over the years who couldn’t resist trying to make the magnificent creatures their own only to realise too late that what they were dealing with was no horse at all but a supernatural beast who sought to drown them or worse, consume them.

At some point a rumour cropped up that someone had managed to succeed in subduing one of the so-called ‘water horses’ and that one of the treasured heirlooms of the Stroud family line was in fact not an object at all but a creature the family had tamed and used for their own benefit. Even more impressive was that it was said to be the most vicious and dangerous of all water horses, the fabled Each Uisge.

In the past it was easier to dismiss the stories as the product of overactive imaginations and tricks of the light with no way to prove that someone had seen what they claimed to have seen. With the advent of modern technology the old Stroud secret threatened to be revealed at last between those researching the validity of the legend and those attempting to catch a glimpse.

It was many years ago that one of the most revered patriarchs of the Stroud line accomplished his legendary feat. After several brutally murdered villagers (or what remained of them) had turned up the people of the area lived in fear of the beast that plagued them and turned to the lord of the land to aid them, as was his duty to protect those who made their homes there. They expected him to use his resources to hunt the predator but they couldn’t have known that the family had long been compiling an extensive library of information devoted solely to the supernatural. Even then it took a skilled combination of knowledge and carefully applied magics to create a solution. Even in the grip of terror no one would dare suggest anyone kill the Each Uisge as despite its nature the fae stallion was considered a guardian of the waters. Something else would need to be done to curb its viciousness while preserving its life. A special bridle was crafted, carefully wrought so that powerful magic was bound within the materials themselves. The rich leather was intricately tooled with runes which were also repeated in the bronze fasteners that held it all together.

Approaching the stallion in the field was not an issue, the deception of a docile nature part of its hunting scheme. He did not even object when the man slipped the bridle over its head; many others had tried and failed. The Each Uisge stood by patiently while the man climbed onto his back and seated himself comfortably, waiting until the gentle pressure of leg before he struck off at a lively trot. He could feel the human relax into the gait before he began to speed up of his own volition, feeling the familiar sensation of hands tightening their grip on his mane as he began to gallop. Humans were predictable. First, they would try to tell him to slow and then they would try to bail out, only to find themselves stuck fast to his back. Then the panic would set in.

But that time was different and it was as if his body would not obey his own will. As much as he fought to press on he could not resist the man’s commands. He was angry and wild but as the magic’s hold over him strengthened he was brought to heel. And so it was that the family acquired their most valuable prize. Kylar has had many names over the years, his true name much too long and complex to be spoken by humans. Fortunately for him the man who captured him was wise. He decreed that Kylar never be regarded as a slave or even a servant despite the fact that he often fell into that role. To do so would be to foolishly underestimate what he was and the power he possessed and even though he had quite an amicable nature for the most part with his viciousness suppressed, it was important to never forget that if turned loose he could certainly decide to return to his more savage ways. Best to not give him more reasons to resent his captivity.

With the arrival of the present day and global society, Kylar’s “father” received a job that took him away from his native Scotland. Kylar remained at home while the members of the immediate family lived overseas in Japan. He was summoned when the time came for Arin to enroll in high school, the family feeling more comfortable with the idea of their son going off to a distant boarding school with Kylar there as well. They also seem to completely disregard any moral implications relating to the fact that he is on the swim team.

Powers: Kylar is functionally immortal, which is to say that if left undisturbed he doesn’t age and will continue to live on. However, he is not invulnerable to attack and can be killed with the use of iron weapons. He has an aversion to iron in general and if it comes into contact with unprotected skin it can burn him. If attacked and iron remains embedded in the wound it will not begin to heal until it is removed.

His senses are sharper than those of a human, particularly his vision at night and his hearing. He is more resistant to damage (when it comes from non-iron weapons), is physically stronger than the average human, and heals at an accelerated rate. As one would expect he is a skilled and powerful swimmer and is capable of breathing underwater. He is also capable of transforming both fully and partially. He takes the form of a large black stallion with a noticeable green patina to his coat. His skin in both forms can take on an adhesive quality that he can control.

Kylar would naturally possess more powers such as the ability to shapeshift into other forms or perform magic deliberately but because of the bridle that binds him (which takes the form of the bronze torque when he is in human form) his powers are for the most part suppressed. The presence of the binding magic also means that he is unable to resist Arin’s command if he is ordered to do something.

Less a ‘power’ per se and more an advantage of his true nature, Kylar has the ability to pick up and retain languages far more quickly than an average human. As it’s been said, his inability to quite understand the context and meaning of cultural nuances prevents him from ever really sounding like a native speaker but he is able to be quite fluent otherwise in a remarkable amount of time. Compared to his own native fae tongue all human languages are easy.

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